Rusk-Panola Children’s Advocacy Center

The Rusk-Panola Children's Advocacy Center mission is to reduce trauma, facilitate recovery, and present legally sound cases for prosecution when child abuse occurs in Rusk and Panola counties.

Welcome to Rusk-Panola Children's Advocacy Center

What is an Advocacy Center?

Children's Advocacy Centers were started in the 1980's to minmize the trauma of children involved in criminal and/or CPS investigations and to aid in the investigation/prosecution of child abuse cases. Being involved in such an investigation can be truamatic for any child whether they have been abused or not. 

CACs strive to ensure that ALL children involved in an investigation with law enforcement and/or CPS receive the same treatment, and that the professionals involved follow the same processes for each and every investigation.


Here at the Rusk-Panola CAC we are always in need of items like these for our office--any kind of donation would be greatly appreciated:

Our Staff 

Executive Director:

Kishla Salazar
Office Number: 903-657-0790 ex 23
Cell Number: 903-646-0745

Administrative Assistant:

Jannie Lamb
Office number 903-657-0790 ex 21


Sarah Wallace, MA, LPC
Office Number: 903-657-0790 ex 22
Cell Number: 903-646-1738

Leslye Dingman, MA, LPC-Intern
Office Number: 903-657-0790 ex 24
Cell Number: 903-658-0311

Christina Lawrence, MA, LPC-Intern
Office Number: 903-657-7090 ex 33
Cell Number:903-658-1300

Forensic Interviewer:
Jennifer Sanchez
Office Number 903-657-0790 ex 27

Cell Number:903-658-7056

Child & Family Advocate:

DeLane Carroll
Office Number: 903-657-0790 ex 31

Intake Coordinator:

Kaitlin Mercer
Office Number: 903-657-0790 ex 32